Saber Alter



02 Sir Gesbleg 247 88
03 Mad Scienti... 174 108
04 Buttercup 162 85
05 Hishamaru 59 40
06 Knight Erie 56 20
Begin your Journey on our multiverse of Ragnarok on Cosmos Ragnarok. 
No Job Changer and new command @afk and @autopot !!
Summoner Class is fully working!
Rates : 75x/75x/20x
Card : 0.1% Normal / 0.01% MVP
Max Level : 175/70 [3rd Job]
Main Town : Caelestia Castellum (Cosmos Custom Town)
Max ASPD : 194
Max Stats : 130

-======= Server Features =======-
Weekend Madness : Receive 2x Rates Experiences and Drop on Weekends!!!!
Daily Rewards : Receive Rewards every day you login !!
Weapon Mastery : Every weapons grant passive bonuses based on how long you used it!!
Rune System [To be Implemented] : Obtain a powerful Rune and attach to your weapon , battle to obtain the power of the True Original Rune with our exciting events
Daily Events everyday : Disguise,Poring Catcher,etc...
Stock Market : Could you risk your money to invest for greater good???
Cosmos Gem  : Obtain the Cosmos Gem to be traded with our special Costume Item by collecting item dropped by the MVP !!
Gambling System : because farm is sometimes kinda consuming , you want take the risk and get rich fast???
We have much vision for this server and can't wait to show it our communities