Ex Shadow



02 Impact GOLD I
03 Lightning G... GOLD III
04 isohappy SILVER I
05 Lightning S... SILVER II
06 x3Kitty SILVER II

Welcome to Cosmos Ragnarok Online

Cosmos Ragnarok Online is made by players for the players!GMs are always there to help, new contents both official and custom, friendly community, intense dungeons and instances! Our policy is never get bored, and the best part? We love the game as much as you do!

Daily Events Automated Events

Poring Catcher - 00.00/06.00/12.00/18.00
Zombie Invasion - 01.00/07.00/13.00/19.00
Disguise Event - 02.00/08.00/14.00/20.00
Sunday, 20 Aug, 2017